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Gear&ampPear Robot Christmas Theme Camp

Gear&ampPear Robot Christmas Theme Camp

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Both adults and children have a robot dream, looking for a robot to help office and housework... Or have magic as Doraemon's pocket, you can get anything you want, like the Hornet's brave in the "Transformers" . Or White in the "super corps" that stay adorable and give gentle protection.





In retrospect, people have fantasied and pursuited for robot have more than 3000 years old. The Western Zhou Dynasty, the earliest recorded China wood robot prototype - skilled craftsmen Yanshi with animal skins, wood, resin and the actor. It is also experienced with great inventions large or small that make change to the life during those time, until in 1959 , American Enigberg and  Devol made the world's first industrial robot (programmable and coordinates), the history of the robot has been really started. Human always want to manufacture the machines same like human beings which can do all kinds of work instead of people .


第一台工业机器人 The first industrial robot 




With the technology development of information and artificial intelligence, and look at the recent "black technology", we will find that we are getting closer to this possibility.


黑科技 Black Technology


2016年3月9日,一场举世瞩目的人机围棋大战在韩国揭幕,谷歌 (Google)研发的人工智能系统“阿尔法围棋”(AlphaGo)对决世界围棋冠军、职业九段选手李世石。以4:1的总比分获胜。


On March 9, 2016, a world famous go-chess game between man-machine and human was unveiled in Korea, the Alfa (AlphaGo) which artificial intelligence system developed by Google was competing with Li Shishi, the world champion of go-chess game and professional p of ku-dan. AlphaGo Win by 4:1 as total score.



The ostonDynamics, which acquired by Google, has developed the world's best rescue robot, Atlas, whose system is more complex than a fighter, and can adapt to both outdoor and indoor environments. Besides walking, pick ing up things, it also could go through the harsh terrain in outdoor, using hand and foot to climb. With the help of artificial intelligence, Atlas can immediately react as climbing up or picking up and other actions.





The driverless car project led by IDL includes four modules: high precision mapping, positioning, perception, intelligent decision-making and control. Driverless cars and buses have been tested in spot. The plan of this project is to test driverless car systems in the next 5 years in spot. IDL started late, but the development momentum is strong, under the government policy support, achieving great progress and is already ahead of other rival enterprises, including  of Google driverless cars.



现在无人也能驾驶了!突然想起电影《阿凡达》的一句经典台词 :一切都被颠倒了,仿佛那里才是真实的世界,这里才是梦。


Drive without human is possible! Suddenly remembered a classic line of the movie "Afanda":Everything is backwards now. as if there is the true world, and here is the dream.




In fact, the list above is only one part, not only the hardware flow of driverless car, robot and so on, but also have software flows such as VR, AR, MR, AI, each of the represents innovation is the wisdom of human technology. In addition to the top company's research and development on intelligent machines, our children is also have developed a territory.






9 middle school students play robot which get the FTC (FIRSTTechChallenge) championship! They have developed a relatively intelligent robot that have color recognition system by using 3D printing technology, assembly and programming.




HYY (Chongqing foreign language school) is the captain of the team. After she had interested in computers and robots, in addition to the school time, every weekend she will learn programming and robotics knowledge, and also won the Chinese youth robot contest. Before the game, she got the offer of Georgia Tech University in United states. According to Huang Yayun's words, she was not the top at school, but in the interview, her experience in this field have got a lot of points for her.





In nowadays with more and more increasing artificial intelligence, a certain contact and cognition will let the children not lag behind, and grasp more in the future




So, in such field, what the way should we choose to input? What can be given to children?



ROBOT Christmas Theme Camp 



Build a robot to make a fight with great change!






This winter, the robot Christmas theme camp built by gear&pear will take the project learning method, through the design idea, let the children practice by hand to build an intelligent remote control robot which can even play football, take the children enter into the world of robot quickly.


图片仅供参考 The picture is for reference only



Arduino soccer robot car project

Arduino是一类便捷灵活、方便上手的开源电子原型平台,包含硬件(各种型号的arduino板)和软件(arduino IDE(编程环境))。不仅适用于工程师进行快速原型开发,也同样适用于艺术家、设计师、爱好者和对于“互动”有兴趣的朋友们。同时也是我们创客孩子必备的工具。


Arduino is a kind of convenient, flexible, easy to use and open source electronic prototype platform, including hardware (various types of Arduino board) and software (Arduino IDE (programming environment)). Not only for engineers to make rapid prototype development, but also for artists, designers, fans and friends who are interested in "interaction". At the same time, and also is our create children's necessary tools.




Arduino, the machine tool for playing football, is a project created by the gear&pear team. By transmitting electronic knowledge and working principle, the children can conceive and realize the idea in five days quickly, and complete the construction of the machine car.




How to do it?




This project is mainly from three parts, car body design, control system design and implementation, the overall project production and testing.


车体设计 The car body design




Learning modeling, laser cutting and 3D printing technology knowledge, complete modeling cutting / printing test operation


控制系统设计及实现 Design and implementation of control system


arduino 的软件与硬件知识点学习,arduino 入门, demo, arduino IDE编程语言学习,电路搭建&程序编写,利用控制器操控马达,手机蓝牙与arduino蓝牙链接,通过蓝牙控制LED灯。


Arduino software and hardware knowledge point learning, Arduino entry, demo, Arduino IDE programming language learning, circuit building and programming, using the controller to control the motor,  the mobile phone Bluetooth and Arduino Bluetooth,control LED lights by Bluetooth.



整体项目制作和测试 Overall project making and testing




The car body and the control part are assembled to test and explore the design which is more suitable for the football match.




During the whole process, the children from the part to the whole structure of the output, control system and working principle of the master to the whole project, the completion of the project, from the shallower to the deeper, of course, the request of gear&pear is far more than simple as completing the project , the more important is to let the children use the way of thinking design and innovation. Robot is completed, whether the normal operation can stand the test? Is there a better way to improve? How to design a robot that is more suitable for football match?


图片仅供参考 The picture is for reference only





Space details


此次主题营将会在齿轮梨创造空间(FABO|SHENZHEN)展开,内含实验室、数字培训室、多功能会议室、Cafe Bar等空间,拥有机械手臂、镭射雕刻机、数码彩喷机、3D打印机、树脂3D打印机、数控机床、绣花缝纫机、木工工具和电工设备等数字化工具和设备。如此设备齐全的空间能给孩子们更好地提供项目孵化和实践环境。


The theme camp will create space in gear&pear (FABO|SHENZHEN), including laboratory, digital training room, multi-purpose conference room, Cafe Bar, has a mechanical arm, laser engraving machine, digital inkjet machine, printer, 3D resin 3D CNC machine, embroidery sewing machines, woodworking tools and electrical equipment such as digital tools and equipment. Such a fully equipped space can provide children with better project incubation and practice environment.


上课空间 Class site 


孩子们能学到什么? What can children learn?





Programming--logic thinking ability

On the basis of understanding the structure and working principle of the robot, the program is written according to the task that the robot car needs to complete. The robot will specify the movement according to the instructions entered by the child. Therefore, children have to implement their own ideas through clear procedural steps. The realization of a goal, there are generally a variety of ways and methods, can continue to try, gradually understand, looking for the best solution.





Mastering of design thinking--the ability to analyze and solve problems.

In programming, the design may be different, but the program needs to be tested by the child himself. When the behavior of the robot can not achieve the desired effect, the child needs to analyze the reasons, and consider the solution to the problem, and constantly modify, debug and optimize the program, until the desired results. By constantly trying with mistakes, analyzing the causes of errors, and putting forward solutions to the problem.





Arduino hardware and software, laser cutting and 3D printing technology knowledge points--comprehensive practical ability and innovation ability training.

In the robot car assembly process, need to use mathematics, physics, materials, electronics and other aspects of knowledge, in addition to hands-on assembly, the child also needs to think about how to achieve higher requirements. More suitable for playing football car, baffle, angle how to design? Pursue innovation on the basis of completion.


日程安排 The Schedule

(点击查看大图 Click to enlarge)



报名须知 The Registration instructions


▷ 建议10-14岁孩子报名 

▷ Suggest 10-14 year olds to sign up


▷ 授课语言以英文为主 

▷ The teaching language is mainly English


▷ 无需编程基础,需自带笔记本电脑(windows7系统以上或MAC,可提供第三方代租电脑服务)。

▷ Without programming foundation, you need to bring your own laptop (windows7 system above or MAC, we can provide third party rent computer services).



▌课程时间 The Course time



2017.12.18--2017.12.22 (five days in a row)



▌课程地址 The Course address


齿轮梨龙岗创造空间(深圳市龙岗区中心城吉祥路680 FABO|SHENZHEN)

Gear&pear Longgang create space(FABO|SHENZHEN Jixiang Road680, central city, Longgang District, Shenzhen)


费用 The Cost


4800 元/人



¥4800 /per

It contains full nutritional meals (4 breakfast 5 lunch 4 dinner ), accommodation (4 night hotel at the same level of 3 star, double beds) site, materials, instructors and teaching assistants, insurance and other expenses (no additional fees during the process)


退款条例 The Refund regulations


20天以上取消退款70%; 20天内取消不予退款。

70% refund for cancellation more than 20 days;No refund within 20 days.









Q:Why is the project suitable for children over 10 years old age?

A:Children of different ages have different levels of knowledge and hands-on ability, this project involves in laser cutting, 3D technology, and related hardware knowledge learning, suitable for relatively independent children to participate.






Q:Do parents need to be accompanied all the time?

A: d on the curriculum content is designed for children, parents do not need to accompany, while parents are not around, children can get rid of the dependence on the parents, exercise self-care ability, but also enhance children's team spirit and mutual aid and cooperation ability, to play their own intrinsic potential.





Q:What is the difference between gear&pear robot theme camp and other robot courses?

A:Now there are many assembly robot by simple splicing parts in market , gear&pear robot theme camp all parts are DIY, increase interest in practical ability and robot education consciousness, besides it is more important for the project to help life and learning, cutting-edge technology and equipment of the new contact operation, such as laser cutting, 3D printing technology, how to control and achieve a deeper to the possibility of exploration of children. The children who Love programming, hardware machinery, will have endless enjoyment in the process.




All course content is original by Gear&Pear, part of pictures is from Internet.







首席服务官 小梨君 

微信/QQ: 2665605569

 手机: +86 138-2310-2317 

邮箱: gearpear@163.com






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